Think More Not Less


I was having a discussion the other day,  with my uncle, and as we dived deeper into the topic a comment was made that I hear from time to time, “You think too much”. I paused for a second, which, if you think about it (no pun intended), is the fulfillment of the spirit of why the statement was made.

I literally stopped thinking and actively questioned whether I was wasting time. Luckily for me I became more energized against that statement and stated out loud just before returning to the debate, “No! If anything, we need to think more!”. Continue reading

Pre – 9/11 Unstructured Data Review


This post builds on an earlier post,  “How do we know things before they happen”, that I created to show the value of Unstructured Data and Pattern Recognition.

Here I want to focus on the 9/11 terrorist attacks since it’s so well known in almost any country and possibly even in any time period moving forward.

The first section will reveal each individual hit (Data Fragment) and the second section will focus on the collective information found (Data Pattern). It will quickly become clear how insightful unstructured data can be when viewed as a full pattern rather than luck or coincidence.

Continue reading

How Does The Mandela Effect Relate To You?


Before we talk about the Mandela Effect let’s ask a few short questions to see how it relates to you.

Please get pen and paper ready to jot down your answers so we can maintain consistency.

  1. How many people were seated in the president’s car during the shooting of John F. Kennedy?
  2. What is the name of Vick’s product that you rub on your chest when you have a cold or flu to clear up breathing?
  3. What was the famous line from the movie “Forrest Gump” about chocolates?
  4. What was the famous line from the Disney movie “Snow White” that the Queen said while seeking answers as to who is the fairest of them all?
  5.  What is missing from this TV show title “Sex _ The City”. Continue reading