Poem About People Infected by Money

To be clear I’m not against money but I’ve seen an abundance of cruelty and recklessness committed in the pursuit of it. So much against children and the environment that I made this poem because the disgust just overflowed one day. The few hundred people at the top with the most money and control no longer fear the law, value workers or respect life and there is an overabundance of proof to support that statement.

hardness of man alex sutton.jpg

Did science just save the world or break the planet VOL 1


There are so many fantastic new discoveries in science and technology happening everyday but with no front-page coverage. Here are 3 incredible breakthroughs to bring you up to speed quickly. Have fun.

We just stopped light for 60 seconds!

Multiple scientific teams have literally stopped light for 60 seconds and then started it back up again. This means mankind can now Continue reading

Think More Not Less


I was having a discussion the other day,  with my uncle, and as we dived deeper into the topic a comment was made that I hear from time to time, “You think too much”. I paused for a second, which, if you think about it (no pun intended), is the fulfillment of the spirit of why the statement was made.

I literally stopped thinking and actively questioned whether I was wasting time. Luckily for me I became more energized against that statement and stated out loud just before returning to the debate, “No! If anything, we need to think more!”. Continue reading