Did science just save the world or break the planet VOL 1


There are so many fantastic new discoveries in science and technology happening everyday but with no front-page coverage. Here are 3 incredible breakthroughs to bring you up to speed quickly. Have fun.

We just stopped light for 60 seconds!

Multiple scientific teams have literally stopped light for 60 seconds and then started it back up again. This means mankind can now trap a form of energy that travels at 186,000 miles per second, forcing it to cease moving and subsequently allowing it to rev up again. In one case the method used to stop light involved cooling table salt to a temperature so cold it doesn’t exist in nature, not even in outer space.

The potential to help or hurt the world through light is almost limitless. Light feeds the plants that feed the world and light is used for the bulk transfer of all human knowledge.


Baby born from 3 parents!

Fertility doctors from New York City have successfully delivered the first baby born via a technique that mixed DNA from three parents. The healthy boy is living proof that a we can correct genetic mutations in parental mitochondrial DNA. Doctors at the New Hope Fertility Center in New York City employed this technique to prevent the child from inheriting Leigh syndrome, a fatal neurological disorder. So far, the newborn hasn’t shown signs of Leigh syndrome, which tend to manifest during infancy.

This level of genetic manipulation can save millions of lives moving forward and and has given scientist the power to shape humans into a focused mold that fits the needs of parents or society.


Color changing contact lenses to alert diabetics!

A huge medical breakthrough in contact lenses that change color when glucose levels change. Professor Jin Zhang, a Chemical and Biochemical Engineering professor from the University of Western Ontario, developed the technology which uses engineered nanoparticles embedded into hydrogel lenses. The nanoparticles are engineered to react with the glucose molecules contained in tears.

We may soon have devices that visually tell the user or others of private medical conditions. The potential for saving lives is substantial.


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