Slavery In The Bible, Is God For It Or Against It?



Verses in the Bible have been used by some to promote slavery and bigotry while others use those same verses to turn people away from Christianity. Below I offer you the entire picture so you can see what all the verses say together. Come to your own conclusion, Think On Your Own.

Note: Highlighted items are for emphasis only not to indicate who is speaking. Verses have been copied directly from the Bible so spelling is what it is. Given the complexity of the information, I recommend that you read all of Exodus. This is not lite reading and you must think about each verse carefully when applying why it’s for or against slavery. Continue reading

Mind Map

After a number of recent strange arguments with people, I decided to sit down and map out where and why our conversations were turning into conflicts. The arguments were only happening with a select group of people over certain topics.

To my surprise, it came down to just two reasons, Belief VS Evidence. I would be talking about something well known with supporting evidence based on fact and they were speaking from a place of personal belief or feeling. This somehow caused frustration and highly charged emotional responses.

This piqued my curiosity so I took the two sides and built out what they were connected to around them to see what the larger picture looked like. To my further surprise, I think I mapped out why there are so many heated arguments and misunderstandings amongst people.

I’m not endorsing either side of this, the mapping was just a non-bias build of what is grown from either Belief or Evidence. I wasn’t out to make one side look better than the other. There is a clear divide and I can now see why. Let me know what you think.

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Think On Your Own Mind Map .jpg

The Bible and Interest / Debt

I was listening to a speech someone was giving on hypocrisy and they mentioned something I had never heard of in any church service, “Interest”. I started researching the Bible to see what it said about interest and was shocked at what I found given the affairs of today’s world and the churches. The more I researched the more I found on what the Bible has to say about money in general. I created a detailed video that explains what I found and why I now think that the corruption seen in churches, governments, and corporations is rooted in one bad practice.


Everything At Once

I heard this song score one day and it reminded me of what it feels like to filter through all the data that works it’s way to the main site There is so much strange avoided and misunderstood information in the world and having a natural desire to engage it often feels like this song sounds.

It was fun making the video because I wanted to add as much of the strange as possible but at the same time, the challenge of matching the visual transition with the musical pace was daunting.

In the end, I think we have a fun, fast paced and possibly even eye opening video.


Poem About People Infected by Money

To be clear I’m not against money but I’ve seen an abundance of cruelty and recklessness committed in the pursuit of it. So much against children and the environment that I made this poem because the disgust just overflowed one day. The few hundred people at the top with the most money and control no longer fear the law, value workers or respect life and there is an overabundance of proof to support that statement.

hardness of man alex sutton.jpg