Glitch Part 3 of 6 ) Those Random Ideas In Your Head, Is It You or Guidance Control?


You control your life, you make your own decisions, you are the master of your destiny, you are responsible for what you do……. but are you?

We’ve learned that reality is reusing our faces in Part 1, then we learned that reality is reusing people Part 2, but now we are going to look into your daily life. Are you living for yourself or are you always in the right place, at the right time, saying the right thing for the bigger picture? Continue reading

Glitch Part 2 of 6 ) Are You The Only Real Person In A Crowded Room?


We established in Part 1 that your face is being reused around the globe. Some of us can shake that off and blame it on DNA but others stopped there believing that they found glitches in the so-called Matrix.

That wasn’t enough for us, we will continue down the rabbit hole and look at the next reason people think we are living in the Matrix. To do this we are going to learn a new term, “NPC”.

A non-player character (NPC) is any character, within a computer program or game, that is not controlled by a real life human being.

A character controlled by the computer via predetermined or responsive behavior, the intelligence level of the NPC varies based on the computers overall power.

“Predetermined or Responsive Behavior”, in a virtual world or game is what separates the natural from the unnatural. This is what we use to understand who is real and who is computer generated. Continue reading

Glitch Part 1 of 6 ) Who Is Wearing Your Face And Are You About To Meet Them?


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With the growth of the internet people are starting to see themselves online with different names, living in other cities, countries and sometimes just on the other side of town. We know DNA has a fondness for certain features and reuses them often when forming looks on new humans but meeting someone with your face is still a shock.

People are so convinced that they have met their twin that they run DNA tests to uncover secret siblings from parents. So far science has found that nature is just reusing code and your parents have been faithful, so relax.

This still leaves us with remarkable doppelganger’s walking around with our faces, smiling and laughing in the same way we do. For some, this is too surreal and means that something bigger is going on.

Where this gets weird

Continue reading

Children With Strange Stories Of Reincarnation Or Is It Really Data Information Access?


It’s not unusual for children to have vivid imaginations but are they being creative or are they accessing information from an unknown source.

Dr. Jim Tucker, M.D., a child psychiatrist, spent more than a decade studying cases of children, usually between the ages of 2 and 6 years old, who had memories of people who had passed away. The only explanation the children could provide for why they had these memories was that they must have been those people in a past life but it’s far more likely that they simply have the memory (information) of those people. Continue reading